Bad Bunny’s Epic Virtual Concert is Trending, But Why Are Fans Disappointed?

Bad Bunny’s Epic Virtual Concert is Trending, But Why Are Fans Disappointed?

Bad Bunny did it again! The urban singer performed in his own way a great virtual concert with Uforia, paralyzing millions of internet users after appearing on a mobile stage to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month live from New York city during an event that was broadcast free on and the Bad Bunny YouTube channel. 

For two hours, Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio had the opportunity to finally perform his latest songs from his recent albums YHLQMDLG and Las Que No Iban a Salir, both released early, this year.  

“I didn’t want to do a virtual concert, but I accepted the new reality and that’s why I’m doing it. For the fans it can be cool,” said the artist minutes before he epically took over New York city streets to somehow bring joy to all those people affected by covid-19 worldwide.

But, why are fans disappointed? Well, right after the concert ended, fans seized Twitter to complain about that he left out “Safaera.” Does this really matter?

The truth is that El conejo malo performed an impressive concert which followed health regulations and surprised all of us not only with his creativity but, also, having three special guests Sech, Mora and J Balvin with whom he performed “Ignorantes,” “Una Vez” and “La Canción,” respectively.

The YouTube broadcast hit nearly 1,477,000 people, who watched the event at one point. “I wanted so bad to sing live and feel everyone’s energy. And from here I could feel people’s energy,” said the singer from the trolley. 

In addition, Bad Bunny’s set list included songs like  “Si Veo a Tu Mama,” “La Dificil,” “Pero Ya No,” “La Santa,” “Bichiyal,” and “Vete” (to name a few from his YHLQMDLG). “Ni Bien, Ni Mal,” “La Romana,” ”Si Estuviesemos Juntos,” “Solo De Mi,” “No Me Conoce,” “Soltera (Remix)” and “Te Bote remix” were added to balance the show.

Overall, the performance highlighted Bad Bunny’s creativity, his unique way of giving his fans the best of himself after getting involved in the production process that included the great idea of turning a truck into a train.

“What I have done is to do what I feel. I think people don’t understand and try to find one thing or the other in my music. But, the only thing I have done is to do things as I think them,” concluded the singer.

Unfortunately, Bad Bunny’s concert was taken down from YouTube but, before the night ended, the Puerto Rican singer had one more surprise. He released “Una Vez” video featuring Mora. Watch it below.